Citizens’ Love For Sriracha Sauce Might Be Gone…Forever.

(Amasia Store/Flickr)

(Amasia Store/Flickr)

Who doesn’t love Sriracha, an Asian hot sauced made by Huy Fong Foods, that can be used as a condiment on almost any type of dish out there?

Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha sauce was invented by a Vietnamese immigrant, David Tran. The sauce rapidly grew in popularity as it became a “must have” in many people’s homes and in restaurants around the nation. The sauce has been enjoyed by so many people that Los Angeles  hosted its first Sriracha Festival in Downtown Los Angeles. In addition, Lay’s featured the sauce as one of their limited edition flavors earlier this year. There has even been talk about a pending documentary dedicated to Sriracha.

However, Sriracha fanatics and lovers may get their hearts broken…forever.



On Monday, the city of Irwindale, where the hot sauce’s production facilities are, filed a suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The residents of Irwindale complained of burning eyes, irritated throats and headaches, believed to be caused by the powerful odor from the production factory. According to Irwindale City Attorney, Fred Galante, the smell was so bad that a birthday party had to be moved indoors after the stench of the Sriracha sauce swooped into their party location. The city of Irwindale had requested the judge to stop production until the smell can be reduced.

The director of operations for Huy Fong Foods, Adam Holliday, said that the company has been working to fix the problem and communicating its efforts to the city.

The plant is currently in the middle of its chile harvesting cycle as the process of the sauce takes a three-month period throughout year.

There has been no final verdict to whether the production will be put on hold.

UPDATE: The attempt to shut down the factory producing the popular spicy, red Sriracha chili sauce is heading to court!

A verdict was expected to be reached today by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge on whether to grant the city of Irwindale’s request to terminate the operations at the factory until Huy Fong Foods company can find a way to reduce the smell of the pepper and garlic fumes emerging from the production site.

While residents of Irwindale complained of the stench, burning eyes and throat, executives from Huy Fong Foods claimed that they were cooperating with the city to minimize the smell coming from the factory. The city suggested that they install a new, $600,000 filtration system in their factory. However, they were unwilling to accept the idea as they thought it was not necessary.

The company claimed it was looking into other alternatives when the city took legal actions against them.

UPDATE: City of Irwindale’s attempts to shut down the production factory of the Sriracha sauce has been denied by the judge!

According to City News Service, the judge initially rejected Irwindale’s request, Thursday, to halt the operations at the Huy Fong Foods plant.

As of right now, there is nothing to fear! The Sriracha sauce is safe, so we can keep calm and Sriracha on!